about emily bratkovich, minnesocalgal.com


Hi! I’m Emily, a Minnesoooota native, currently living the SoCal life in Hermosa Beach. I’ve also lived in Ohio, Arizona (Go Sun Devils!), Seattle and San Jose. In June 2017, I finally moved to where I’ve always wanted to be – at the beach in Southern California.

In 2011, I started Seattlesota, a blog documenting my move from Minnesota to Seattle. Back then I never dreamed it would connect me to so many amazing people, jobs, and experiences. Seven years later, I decided to take inspiration from Seattlesota to create MinneSoCal Gal.

MinneSoCal Gal is a creative outlet for me to share my beach life adventures, but also much more about myself.

Due to many health challenges, I’m dedicated to clean eating and doing my best to live a healthy lifestyle. I eat a primarily modified paleo diet, so you will see many recipes that work for those with food allergies/intolerances.

I also LOVE sports, especially football and baseball. I cheer for all Minnesota teams (of course!), but am also a Seattle fan after living there for five years. I’m an avid fantasy football player and in three leagues this season.

Finally, I’m a pop culture buff. I watch too many reality shows to count and always stay up to date on all the celebrity news and gossip. I love country and pop music, and am a total boy band fan girl (not ashamed!).

 I look forward to sharing my thoughts and interests with you. I hope you follow along as I make some waves in sunny SoCal – and who knows, maybe I’ll inspire you to move here too 😉