Being new to LA, I’m always looking for local events and networking opportunities to meet people. I was immediately interested when I heard about the SHE Changes Everything #SHEDayLA event. SHE Changes Everything’s mission is to “educate and inspire women to experience the freedom of holistic and impactful living through simple sustainable, healthy, ethical (SHE) changes.” I reached out to South Bay blogger and event panelist, Bri Reesing of Beach Life Organic, about my interest in attending, and she was kind enough to offer me a discounted ticket AND a ride (score!).

Amazing goodie bags!

I arrived early in the morning with Bri and had the opportunity to help with set-up, and best of all, making matcha lattes for all the attendees. Matcha is a great alternative to coffee, as it’s rich in antioxidants and won’t give you a jittery caffeine high (or bad breath!). Check out Bri’s Updated Matcha Green Latte recipe here.

The ingredients for an amazingly nutritious matcha latte

After fueling up on matcha goodness and breakfast, the day got started with incredibly inspiring and knowledgable panelists. First up was She Changes Everything Co-Founder, E-500 Certified Yoga Instructor, and I-CAYT Therapist, Heather Young. Heather shared some incredibly alarming facts about the environment – like this one:

Terrifying, right? 50 percent of plastic is “single use” – the big four being plastic straws, plastic to-go cups, plastic bags, and plastic water bottles. Starbucks goes through 4 billion to-go cups ANNUALLY. So what can you do to make a difference? Heather suggests these three ways to immediately increase your sustainability: 1. Make a choice that isn’t plastic. 2. Recycle the plastic you do use. 3.  At least skip single-use plastics.

Aside from the big four single-use plastic items, Heather emphasized it is important to consider other everyday plastic items you may be using that are harmful to the environment and your health. One example is yoga mats. Many yoga mats contain PVC, one of the most toxic plastics. Toxic chemicals are also added to PVC to make yoga mats pliable. Healthier options for yoga mats include: Jade Yoga, Manduka, HuggerMugger, Barefoot Yoga Co, Gaiam, Grippz Mats and Prana.

The next speaker was Heather’s sister, Jennifer Klotz, MS/RD/lDN, and She Changes Everything Co-Founder. Jennifer provided a wealth of knowledge about listening to our bodies and making healthy choices. One of my favorite things she said was:

I love that she shared this because often times people assume that the latest fad or what worked for your friend must be a healthy choice for you. She gave the example of eating kale – if kale continuously makes your stomach churn, STOP EATING IT! Something can be healthy, but not healthy for you – I’ve learned this firsthand through elimination diets over the years. I didn’t eat fruit or raw vegetables for about 6 months because my body could not digest them properly.

“Fix the well, not the sink” means you must figure out the underlying root cause of your health issues before you can truly fix anything.

The morning portion of the day ended with Amber, chef and owner of The Source Cafe, Bri and Jennifer talking about creating food freedom and body acceptance.

A few of my favorite quotes from these women included:

When you make drastic changes quickly, it won’t work.

Create habits that build self love. Develop a morning routine to start your day with gratitude, self devotion and acceptance.

We all have a mean girl inside us – notice the negative thoughts and do your best to change your mindset.

Food freedom is more than just about food, it’s about taking care of yourself.

Lunch from The Source Cafe was delicious! Doesn’t the menu look amazing?

After an amazing lunch from The Source Cafe, the second half of the day started with a focus on ethical shopping.

Taryn Hipwall, founder of Beyond The Label
(left to right) Joyce Kim – Purpose Jewelry Marketing, Amy Bond – Lucy & Jo Co-Founder, Michelle Chavez – Tote Project Co-Founder, Elisha Chan – Elisha C. Founder, Heather Young – She Changes Everything Co-Founder

A few highlights:

Pick one product you really love. Whether it’s makeup, shoes, clothing – make a commitment to choose ethical within that one category.

Define what “ethical shopping” means to you. Beyond workers getting paid fairly for their labor, are you passionate about organic materials, veganism, or giving back?

Websites like The Good Trade make ethical shopping guides by grouping companies together based on their ethics.

Set SIMPLE goals – Specific, Impactful, Measurable, Possible, Life Span, Executable.

The day ended with a relaxing yoga session and giveaways! I won this Organic Aromas Diffuser, which I’ve been using everyday with my DoTerra essential oils (I highly recommend this brand). If you are new to essential oils, Jennifer recommends these:

Thanks so much to ladies of She Changes Everything for putting on such a great event, and all the amazing goodie bag sponsors: The Tote Project, Elisha C, Apple Rose Beauty, Lucy & Jo, SweetLeaf, Sak Saum, Jar Jackets, Dean’s Beans, Organic Aromas, Oral Essentials, The Humble Co, Purpose Jewelry, Live The Give, Laiki, Coconut Bowls and Imperfect Produce.

If you are interested in attending the She Changes Everything free Thanksgiving Yoga Flow on November 16, click here. There is also a holiday event on December 7. Hope to see you there! Be sure to also follow their Facebook and Instagram for more sustainable, healthy and ethical inspiration!

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