Hello and welcome to MinneSoCal Gal, a Southern California food and lifestyle blog by me – Emily!

I can’t believe this blog is finally happening. After so many years thinking about launching a new blog…..here it is!

I’m a Minnesoooota native (ya you betcha!) currently living the SoCal life in Hermosa Beach. I’ve moved around quite a few times throughout my life (Ohio, Arizona, Seattle, San Jose), and in June 2017, I finally moved to where I’ve always wanted to be – at the beach in Southern California.

In 2011, I started Seattlesota, a blog documenting my move from Minnesota to Seattle. Back then I never dreamed it would connect me to so many amazing people, jobs, and experiences. Seven years later, I decided to take inspiration from Seattlesota to create MinneSoCal Gal.

This blog originally intended to be solely food focused.  For over a year, I had a name picked/domain bought and several posts half-written, but nothing ever came to fruition – I let self doubts and fear get the best of me. My move to SoCal was a monumental move. I knew in my heart I needed to make some changes and focus on myself and overall health/well-being.

After moving, I began contemplating starting a blog again. A dozen names later, MinneSoCal Gal randomly came to mind, and something about it felt right. I realized I wanted to share more than just my passion for healthy cooking, but use the blog as a creative outlet to share my love for sports, wine, travel and pop culture. However, I also want to be my real authentic self – this means talking about the tough stuff happening in my life, including my long, arduous health journey and struggle with self acceptance.

I hope you enjoy following my beach life adventures and that MinneSoCal Gal will inspire you in some way.


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